2017-2018 Academic Catalog w/Addendum


During open registration times for a semester, registration for courses is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week online on the MyMCC student portal, or in person at the MCC Student Services Office or MCC Centers during regular business hours.

See Registration Periods

In-Person Registration

Students may register for courses, drop and add courses, withdraw from courses, and make payment, by visiting the MCC campus or MCC Centers. In person registration requires a photo ID in the form of the MCC Student ID card, valid Colorado driver's license, or other officially recognized ID so be sure to bring proper documents. Hours may vary, so it is recommended you call ahead if you are traveling long distances. Special registration dates are listed in the Schedule of Classes for each semester.

Registration Periods

Fall Term (Aug-Dec)
Opens in early April
Spring Term (Jan-May)
Opens in early November
Summer Term (June-Aug)
Opens in early March

See Academic Calendar for exact dates

Adding and Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop courses, withdraw from courses, or pay via their online MyMCC student account. Courses dropped by that course's published refund deadline may be eligible for a tuition refund. Beyond that date, dropped courses are considered a withdrawal and recorded with a "W" grade and no refund is issued.


Financial Aid students who are considering dropping a course or courses should speak to a Financial Aid officer before taking this action so they are aware of any financial implications the change may have on their account.


See MCC Catalog Tuition and Fees for applicable payment rules for added courses

See complete CCCS Academic Progress Standing ES 4-81 at https://www.cccs.edu/es-4-81-academic-progress-standing/

See MCC Catalog Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid
See complete CCCS Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid SP 4-20d at https://www.cccs.edu/sp-4-20d-satisfactory-academic-progress-for-financial-aid/

Full-Time/Part-Time Status

Students enrolled in 12 credits or more are considered to be attending full-time. Summer students must meet the same criteria.

See complete CCCS ES 4-84a Student Load by Term at https://www.cccs.edu/wp-content/uploads/documents/ES4-84a_StudentLoad-by-Term.pdf





12 or more credits


Less than 12 credits


9-11.5 credits


6-8.5 credits

Less than 1/2-Time

.5-5 credits

Course Wait List

Students may choose to enroll in an electronic wait list when a desired course is full. If an opening occurs the wait list student is notified. It is then the responsibility of the student to register and pay for the course within one day.

Maximum Course Load

A full-time course load is a minimum of twelve (12) and a maximum of eighteen (18) credits per semester. If an academic advisor and student determine that additional credits are necessary, written approval by the Dean of Instruction, Vice President of Instruction, or Director of Regional Community Outreach is required. 

See complete CCCS ES 4-84b Maximum Student Load per Term at https://www.cccs.edu/wp-content/uploads/documents/ES487RepeatCourseLimits.pdf

Note: Certain Occupational/Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs approved by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) may require students to take up to twenty-four (24) credit hours per term. For these programs, students are allowed to take all necessary courses without written approval.

Repeat Course Limits (Repeated Courses)

See MCC Catalog Grades, Student Records & Transcripts-Grades, Grading & GPA - Repeated Courses-Repeat Course Limits;

See complete CCCS ES 4-87 Repeat Course Limits at https://www.cccs.edu/wp-content/uploads/documents/ES487RepeatCourseLimits.pdf

Course Changes and Cancelations by MCC

MCC retains the right to cancel or alter programs or course offerings where enrollments are insufficient to permit them to be offered on an educationally sound and economically efficient basis. Also, course numbers and descriptions are subject to change.


Students must officially drop college courses by accessing their MyMCC student account and dropping course(s).

If a drop occurs after the course's listed drop deadline, the student will be assigned a "W" Withdrawal grade.

A "W" grade is not computed in the GPA. Tuition and fees are non-refundable when a course is dropped after the refund/drop deadline for the course.

Financial Aid Students should consult a financial aid advisor before taking this step to be advised on how this will affect them. Drops/Withdrawals done after the refund deadline for the course may affect the student's satisfactory progress (SAP) for financial aid purposes.

See complete CCCS ES 4-81 Academic Progress Standing at https://www.cccs.edu/es-4-81-academic-progress-standing/

See complete CCCS SP 4-20d Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid at https://www.cccs.edu/sp-4-20d-satisfactory-academic-progress-for-financial-aid/

See complete CCCS 4-88 Credit Completion Progress Standard at https://www.cccs.edu/wp-content/uploads/documents/ES488CreditCompletion.pdf

See MCC Catalog Grades, Grading & GPA

See MCC Catalog Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid

Total Withdrawal from the College

A student who drops or withdraws from all courses in a term is considered to have exercised a total withdrawal from the college. College administration may initiate a total withdrawal from the college for death, veteran service, non-attendance, non-payment of tuition and fees, disciplinary problems and similar reasons.

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