2016-2017 Academic Catalog w/Addendum


Admissions Policy

Morgan Community College has an open admissions policy. In compliance with Colorado Community College System (CCCS) procedures (SP 4-10), it is the policy of the College to admit students who are 17 years of age or older.

Admission of New Students

New students who have never attended MCC must complete an online Admission Application found at www.MorganCC.edu. Online access is available on campus and at MCC Centers for those who do not have home internet access. Students are reminded to carefully and fully complete the Admission Application, as the information provided is used to determine tuition classification (in-state or out-of-state tuition rates).


Admission of Former Students/Re-Admit

Former MCC students who wish to return to MCC after an absence of 12 months or more must apply for re-admission by completing an online Admission Application. Internet access is available on campus and at MCC Centers for those who do not have home internet access. Degree and certificate requirements in effect at the time of re-admission apply to readmitted students.

Admission of Transfer Students

Students transferring to MCC from another college or university must file the following with the MCC Registrar/Records Office:

  1. An Admission Application with a declared program of study toward which transfer courses are to be evaluated.
  2. An official transcript of all credits earned from each college or university attended.
    1. Official transcripts must be received by the MCC Registrar in the mail, directly from the other institution.
    2. Transcripts marked, "Issued to Student," even if sealed, are not considered official, will not be accepted nor evaluated, and will be discarded.
    3. Foreign transcripts (from colleges & universities outside the U.S.) must be evaluated course-by-course by an approved evaluation service. The student arranges to have this done and then has the evaluation service send a copy of the evaluation directly to the MCC Student Services Office. Approved evaluation services can be found at http://www.naces.org/members.htm

    See STUDENT RECORDS & TRANSCRIPTS section for additional details on transferring credit to MCC

Admission of Permanent Residents/Refugees

If an individual holds a Resident Alien card (I-551) or Arrival-Departure Record (I-94), or was admitted to the United States on a refugee, parolee, or political asylum status, that individual must present such documentation when applying for admission to Morgan Community College. Morgan Community College personnel will make a copy of the original documentation to accompany the application to assure prompt and proper processing.

Admission of International Students

At this time MCC is not licensed by the federal government to accept international students and therefore accepts no international student applications.

Admission of Underage Students (Under 17)

Morgan Community College complies with the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) policy to admit students who are 17 years of age or older. Students wishing to secure a waiver of the minimum age for admission must meet the following criteria:

  1. Qualified students must demonstrate academic readiness for college level work by meeting all state established assessment scores for college level English, reading and mathematics.
  2. Students should meet with the Director of Admissions to determine eligibility for admission and appropriateness of course selection, review college expectations, and complete the acknowledgment form which includes the MCC President’s approval.

Admission to Specific Programs

Admission to MCC does not assure acceptance into a particular course or program of study. Programs such as nursing have limited space and require special admission procedures. The program requirements in the MCC catalog detail any specific program acceptance requirements.

See DEGREES AND CERTIFICATES section for additional details on specific program admission requirements

New Student Orientation

We recommend all new students sign up for a New Student Orientation Session. Sessions are offered in the fall (Aug/Sept) only. Dates are published in the Academic Calendar and Course Schedules. Campus tours, assistance with computer log-ins, passwords, advising, terminology, timelines, expectations, study skills, and other information to help the new or returning student is presented. It is also a great time to meet some of the faculty, staff, and other new students. Call the Student Services Office to register at 542-3100.

Selective Service Registration

Male students must indicate their Selective Service registration status prior to admission at Morgan Community College or any state supported institution of higher education. Enrollment will not be allowed to students who do not comply with Selective Service registration requirements. Individuals providing no or false information will be denied admission to the College. The certification is made on the MCC Admission Application. This is a one-time-only filing requirement unless the original certified item changes in any way. Students may register or obtain proof of Selective Service Registration at www.sss.gov.

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