2018-2019 Academic Catalog w/Addendum


Credit courses offered by MCC are grouped by subject areas and programs. The programs and areas are in alphabetical order.

Each course title begins with a three-letter subject area (sometimes called "prefix") and the course number (e.g., ENG 121). The course description listed in the academic catalog briefly explains course content and specifies credit hours earned for the course.

If a course is a Colorado Guaranteed Transfer course, it will contain either, "GT:xxx" or ":xxx."  See the Guaranteed Transfer section of the catalog for specific information regarding Guaranteed Transfer courses.

The course section is the last three digits of the course and indicates a specific time, location, instructor, delivery method for that course in a specific term.  The course section only appears in the course schedule, as it is tied to an offered course in a term.  The section number may also indicate whether the course is a traditional, online, hybrid, global, or CCCOnline delivery method.  See the key in the course schedule of classes for each term.

Some courses have prerequisites or co-requisites. A prerequisite must be taken before entering a course. A co-requisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, a course.

"Hours" indicate the total number of class contact hours during the term. This will help determine the instructional time that a student will have, as well as the estimated additional time needed outside the classroom for study, lab, and other activities that the student will need to set aside.

Some courses require a special laboratory fee. This is indicated in the course schedule, Tuition and Fees table.

Only courses numbered 100 or above may be used to fulfill certificate or degree requirements.

Note: Not all courses are offered each term at every site. Please refer to the current Class Schedule at: www.MorganCC.edu

Also Note: MCC also offers some courses exclusively through CCCOnline. If the course description is not listed for a CCCOnline course, you can find it at www.CCCOnline.org.

For a list of suggested courses in specific programs of study, refer to the appropriate program in DEGREES & CERTIFICATES section of the MCC Catalog.

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