2016-2017 Academic Catalog w/Addendum


The Multimedia Program consists of three certificates: Foundations of graphic design, foundations of web design and foundations of video and animation and the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Multimedia. This program is designed to develop both the technical and non-technical skills required for success in the fast-paced multimedia career field. Upon successful completion of the degree program, students will be prepared for positions in graphic design, web design and computer-based training development. The curriculum places strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration skills.

Multimedia Certificate

Multimedia is a fast growing field that combines traditional design skills with an ever widening base of digital tools. The courses keep pace with current technologies and underscore the importance of business skills with projects that mimic employment scenarios and the complexities of designer/client relationships. Information on Gainful Employment.

Multimedia Associate of Applied Science

Completion of the 30 Multimedia Certificate requirements PLUS 30 additional credits will entitle students to receive the A.A.S. Multimedia Degree.

Multimedia Foundations of Graphic Design Certificate

This program will give students the foundational skills to be successful in Graphic Design, whether it is to prepare them for further education, another media field, enhance their skills for a job they already have, or to work as a freelancer or starting designer in the industry. The latest industry-approved professional software is taught, as well as creativity, working with a client and within design parameters, and effectively using the principles of design. Projects range from designing personal artistic projects to logos, branding, packaging, advertising, desktop publishing, and more.

Multimedia Foundations of Web Design Certificate

This program will cover the fundamentals of Web Design. Students will learn to build a website from scratch using HTML and CSS and progress to more complex sites that use newer technologies and media. Design is emphasized for creativity, accessibility, and usability. Students will create at least one simple and one complex website during the course of the program. In addition, the business of being a web designer is covered throughout the program to teach students how to work with clients and analyze their audience's needs.

Multimedia Foundations of Video and Animation Certificate

This program covers the topic of Motion Design, both in the field of animation and video. Students will learn on professional level software and we will cover pre-production, composition, storyboarding, character development, editing, sound, special effects, and post-production. Projects are personal choice for students but can include animated websites, e-Cards, animation shorts, commercials, documentaries, skits, music videos, etc.

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